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Found in Felipe Ángeles street, in Santiago de Querétaro. Opened in January 6th, 1982. It's owner, Carlos Maynes, arrived from México City with the idea of promoting Lucha Libre in the surroundings of México City.

The first función was Ray Mendoza, Villano III, and Hermano Coraje vs. Gran Hamada, Saeta Oriental and Enrique Vera.

Arena Querétaro has luchas every fortnight, on Tuesday, and weekly all Sundays. The Sunday function is with local luchadores, and on fortnight Tuesdays there it is a big CMLL función. With seating of 3700 people, the Arena has hosted Rock concerts and Box, however Box was a commercial failure and Rock Concerts were too loud for the neighbours, so Arena Querétaro is used only for Luchas, as Carlos Maynes decided.

Arena Queretaro's address is Calle Felipe Ángeles 1, Colonia El Porvenir, CP 76158, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro de Arteaga, México.

With information by:

  • Margarita Ladrón de Guevara y Francisco Sosa
  • Fotos: Alberto Herrera y Armando Arias