Arena KO Al Gusto Torneo de la Muerte, 1971

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On December 5, 1971, Arena KO Al Gusto in Naucalpan was the location for a 10 man torneo de la muerte, believed to be the first of it's kind. A battle royal was held to determine seeding for the match.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
       La Cobra  
     El Cid L    
         El Cid  
         Silver Fox L  
       Gory Medina
     Silver Fox L      
         Silver Fox L
 Cometa Dorada        Alex de Alba
 Caballero Arturo L      Caballero Arturo  
 Hermano Muerte II    Octavio Gaona Jr. L  
 Octavio Gaona Jr. L        Octavio Gaona Jr.
            Alex de Alba L  
          Lobo Mendoza
        Alex de Alba L  

Alex de Alba unmasked Silver Fox, who was revealed to be Jose Luis Bocanegra.