Arena Coliseo Cup

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The Arena Coliseo Cup was a CMLL one night tag team tournament help on January 14, 1994. It may have been held in previous years.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Emilio Charles Jr. & Mano Negra W    
 Brazo de Plata & Ciclon Ramirez  
   Emilio Charles Jr. & Mano Negra  
   Atlantis & Ringo Mendoza W  
 Atlantis & Ringo Mendoza
   El Brazo & Fiero  
      Atlantis & Ringo Mendoza
   Cachorro Mendoza & Bestia Salvaje DQ
   Jaque Mate & Dr. Wagner Jr. W  
 Negro Casas & Mocho Cota  
   Jaque Mate & Dr. Wagner Jr.
   Cachorro Mendoza & Bestia Salvaje W  
 Cachorro Mendoza & Bestia Salvaje W
   America Rocca & Brazo de Oro