AAA Young Stars Tag Team Tournament, 1997

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On May 15, 1997 in Toluca, AAA held a one-night tag team tournament patterned much like the Gran Alternativa where a top wrestler would team with a young guy and the winning youngster would get the promise of main event matches in the future. The teams entered were:

Picudo/Valentino-                   |
Metal/Venum------                   |                   |
                 |Metal/Venum-------                    |
Pentagon/Flowers-                                       |
                                                        |Fuerza Guerrera
Octagon/Boxer----                                       |Mosco De La Merced
                 |Fuerza/Mosco------                    |
Fuerza/Mosco-----                   |                   |
Garza/Nova-------                   |

Since the same winners of this tournament ended up with the Mexican National Tag Championship, it was thought that was the prize for winning this. This is incorrect - Fuerza Guerrera & Mosco De La Merced actually won a separate tournament a few months later.