AAA World Heavyweight Tournament, 2007

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In 2007, AAA held a tournament to declare a AAA World (Mega) Heavyweight Champion. It was presented as a standard eight man tournament with a single wrinkle. All current champions in the tournament would have to defend their championship during the tournament, in order to create one unified champion.

Champions going into the tournament

2007.08.16     |Cibernetico1
Mr. Niebla-----

2007.08.19     |Chessman-------
Zorro----------                |
Charly Manson--   2007.09.13   |               |
2007.08.16     |Charly Manson--|    2007.09.16 |El Mesias
Kenzo Suzuki---                |               |
                               |El Mesias------
El Mesias------                |
2008.08.19     |El Mesias------
La Parka Jr.---

(1) Cibernetico was declared out of the tournament by losing a non-tournament match to El Mesias for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. Since the rules specified champions were eliminated from the tournament once they lose their championships, this eliminated Cibernetico.

As a result, the semifinals became a triangle match. Mesias pinned Charly Manson to eliminate him from the tournament.

Mesias won the final match by disqualification. Chessman was initially declared winner, but referee Tirantes belatedly realized Chessman had used illegal knuckles (brought into play by Mesias), and overturned the finish.