AAA Fusion Tournament, 2012

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A 16 luchador tournament, taking place exclusive on the AAA Fusion television show over the course of multiple tournaments. The entire bracket was only revealed as the tournament took place. The tournament started in 2011, went on hiatus for a few months, and finished in March 2013.

Semifinals   Final
November 3, Arena Neza
 Fenix W
 Dark Dragon
November 18, Deportivo Reynosa
 Joe Lider
 Jack Evans   March 17, Monterrey
 Daga W    Fenix W
March 1, Arena Neza      Crazy Boy
 Super Fly[1]      Juventud Guerrera
 Crazy Boy[2] W
March 1, Arena Neza
 Pentagon Jr.
 Ultimo Gladiador  
 Juventud Guerrera W
  1. replacement for Ricky Marvin, who was announced after he had agreed to work in Germany on this date
  2. mystery participant; Crazy's return from a 2 year knee injury